Sunday, August 20
Old Highway 99 South, Mile 1716.2 to Mile 1735.2

19 Miles

It’s no surprise that I am awake at 6am.  I make a bathroom run and let Birdie out of her room so we can cuddle and snooze for an hour before the coffee shop within walking distance opens. 

Case is an eclectic little place with interesting clientele.  I chat for a while with a 70 year old biologist intellect named Jasiu Borovsky who grew up on a dairy farm in Oxford, Connecticut.  

On my way back to Debbie & Barry’s house, I pass by a restaurant.  From the front porch, someone yells my trail name.  It’s Alladin from the SLOBO’s!!  

I had just texted Alladin earlier this morning and was hoping to run into him on the trail today.  Here he is now!  He and Stabby (from Australia) invite me to join them for breakfast and so I have my second breakfast at Morning Glory.  It was great catching up with Alladin.  He & Stabby should only be a few hours behind me on trail do it’s likely I’ll see him again soon.

[photo courtesy of Debbie Russell]

Debbie drives me back to the Trailhead just before noon and I’m off hiking again.  It takes awhile to start churning out the miles because I forgot to take care of a few online things before leaving.  Regardless, I’m grateful there is cell coverage here so I can take care of them now.

[photo courtesy of Debbie Russell]

There are several section hikers on the trail today as well as a few more SOBOs.  I question many of them about how they have or will approach the upcoming fire closure.  No one has good answers.  (Fortunately, I later am able to find turn by turn instructions on FB).

I have to also admit, even though my back sores have healed up and I was able to take the bandaging off, the chafing is starting again and my back is once again getting irritated.  I am going to have to concoct some new crazy solution in the morning to help ease the rubbing.  The pack towel I was using isn’t working 100% any longer.  Not sure if this is due to the added weight of my pack (full food bag and return of warmer clothing layers).  What I can tell you is that this issue is extremely frustrating!

This one is for you, Barry!

Looking forward to some good photo ops tomorrow with the eclipse.  I really have no idea what it’s going to be like. 


One Reply to “Day 124. Morning Glory.”

  1. Snuggles with a kitty – priceless. So about that back…as its not infected, did you use duct tape on it to keep friction of it? You look great and refreshed after your night with Debbie. Awesome. Pics look good. Cant wait to see what you photo with the eclipse. Be smart and be safe as you are. PS like the look of your new back pack…I know – its not about looks, but it is cute!


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