Monday, August 21

Mile 1735.2 to Tentsite at Mile 1764.8

29.6 Miles

NOTE:  I’ve had some significant technological difficulties over the last 3 days (IOS update/iCloud related?) that caused me to lose a ton of photos (3 days worth and done really cool pics, sigh).  I’m pretty bummed but I’ve just gotta let it go.  Hang in there, I’m back in action now but the next 3 posts are going to be very bland without photos.  I had little words to post and was planning to rely heavily on photos because I was just too tired to write 😴 ).

It’s 9:08 am. I slip on my special glasses and with them I can see the moon beginning it’s pathway in front of the sun. Over the next hour or so, I continually sneak in peaks of the sun. The daylight eerily fades over that hour and then begins to return, but I can’t capture the change on camera. It was still quite a cool little experience!

The day goes by rather quickly even with the trail mostly in a tree tunnel. Near the end of the day, the trail transitions into lava fields.  Walking become a little more difficult and tedious now, especially on tired legs/feet and fading daylight.  

And now, I can barely keep my eyes open so I’m signing off now…

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