Day 126. No More Fake Rain.

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Tuesday, August 22

Tentsite at Mile 1764.8 to Stream & Tentsites, Mile 1796.8

32 Miles

NOTE:  I was able to retrieve some of my rejected and duplicate photos from a deleted photos folder in my Photos app so I’ve included them here….keep in mind they may have been taken on days before or after this one…

I am walking up on the ridge, trying to push through the last few miles of the day. It’s either cloudy or smoky, I don’t know which one. And it’s about to get dark. I remember the forecast from my InReach device. It called for rain between 8pm and 10pm. The usual 10% chance. It would really be bad timing for this forecast to be right.

I continue to climb up the ridge line. I have about a half mile more to the top. A spark of lightning flicks through the sky. I jump, curse…. And quicken my step. As I round the top of the ridge just before the descent, another lightning bolt illuminates the sky. And then comes the thunder. Shit!  


A man is huddled in the trees up here and he’s decided to pack up and head down. On the second switchback down, the sprinkles begin. I have 1 mile to go. I’m not too worried about the sprinkles. It hasn’t rained more than 10 minutes in the 4 months I’ve been on the PCT. 

The mushrooms are coming!

I arrive at camp with the same light sprinkles falling. I grab water, choose a campsite and get setup. It’s raining a little harder now but I am not worried.

Mossy trees!

I crawl in to my tent and zip my fly closed. Almost instantly, my tent lights up from a very close flash of lightning, then the loud thunder rolls in, followed by buckets and buckets of rain. It rains.  Real rain.

The lava rock section….

 I could not have timed it more perfectly! We are having a full blown thunderstorm, rain and all. The whole thing lasts about 30 minutes. There were a few moments I got concerned but there’s not much of anything that can be done. So I just lay back and listen.

Gonna let the pictures say the rest. Gotta get some sleep.

3 Replies to “Day 126. No More Fake Rain.”

  1. Thank you for taking the time and energy to retrieve those pictures! I made a wish on your first pic! Love those plants. The storm sounds terrifying in a tent! I love a dramatic storm but you are a very brave soldier to be in a tent while experiencing it, but then again… YOU ARE A BRAVE SOLDIER and so darn inspiring!


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