Day 128. Using My Ice Axe to Climb Out of the Rabbit Hole.

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Thursday, August 25

Crater Lake National Park’s Mazama Village up to Annie Spring Trail Junction, Mile 1819.2 to Dutton Creek Trail Junction and Rim Alternate, Mile 1820.5 to start of West Rim Trail Alternate to Crater Lake Lodge

Approximately 5 Miles

Here is a video I was able to restore from my losses a few days ago:

Hiking the lava rocks section…
I awake this morning feeling much better emotionally. I sort through my resupply, make a list of things to do, pack up and head back into the village.

My heel is stiff and sore but as I walk it loosens up some. The plan is to take my time today getting a variety of things done, many of which is techie stuff that will require wifi. Later today, I will hike a short distance to the Rim Village and hang around there for a while too.

As the morning progresses, I know I am still a little blue about my situation. Michael checks in with me and I mumble something about maybe having had enough. In a mere few seconds, he is able to blast through to my core root values and beliefs. An injury is one thing but otherwise there is no quitting!! I conclude that I will proceed 3 days to my next resupply, Shelter Cove Resort, and assess further from there. I will be closer to the town of Bend at that point and can seek medical help there, if still needed.

At breakfast, I google heel stress fractures and learn there is a tell tale test for it by cupping the heel in your hand & squeezing on both sides. I do this over and over and cannot trigger the pain. I don’t think it’s a stress fracture!

Three female hikers walk in and sit down at the table next to me. I am astonished and thrilled to see that one of them is Milissa Jayn, aka Mary Poppins. She and I communicated by Facebook at length earlier this year about various aspects of the PCT. She is petite like myself and offered great help with choosing a pack and other gear, along with tips for going thru the Sierra. I knew she was doing the PCT SOBO this year and I spent the last few weeks hoping our paths would cross. 

Me & Mary Poppins
Amazingly, Mary Poppins is now seated before me and together we dig myself out of the dark rabbit hole. I realize that maybe I just needed to explore that avenue, to go to that dark place so I could see the brightness of my journey again. With the company of these three wonderful ladies next to me, my mood skyrockets and I feel like myself again, happy and vibrant.  I want to hike this trail to Canada!

Wizard Island at Crater Lake. What?! You cant see anything? Huh…

I’m back hiking around 3pm. My heel is doing well and I am happy. I approach the West Rim around 5pm and find T-Bone at the cafe. 

Myself & T-Bone

 I decide that if I can get a room at the Lodge here, it would be wisest to give my heel and my body a little more rest. Well, it turns out they are booked online but when I call the reservations line, I learn there is a special arrangement for same day reservations. I have to call the hotel directly and low and behold, there are 2 rooms left!

So I am here for the night, getting in more green salads and good food and a nice bed.  
And more rest.


3 Replies to “Day 128. Using My Ice Axe to Climb Out of the Rabbit Hole.”

  1. Hi Patty, This journey is really full of challenges and surprises for you. I’m so happy that Mary Poppins showed up when she did! I hope the talk and the rest helps you physically and mentally. No matter what happens…you are a warrior!!


  2. See, like I said, I truly think you are being watched over and guided. Your journey continues. You got this!! So very, very proud of you! Your AMAZING!!


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