Day 130. Miles and Smiles.

Saturday, August 26

Dirt Road at Mile 1845.9 to Windigo Pass, Mile 1875.7

29.8 Miles

Today was a happy day! I was able to get some cell service to get in touch with some folks who reached out to me with friends in the Bend area. Thanks to Unicorn, Melissa, Jac & Erica for their help here! I also had lunch with Charlie and Ziplock and got to look at the route on Charlie’s paper map with Ziplock’s local knowledge. Later, T-Bone said he came up with a route that is only 60 miles long and on forest roads. I’ll look into this new option later.

Today had some interesting topography which made the day more interesting and enjoyable, especially with the skies being less smoky. I really enjoyed hiking today and found a faster gear that has been missing for awhile. This allowed me to get in 30 miles today before 8pm. The terrain was easier but still not flat. Regardless, I hope I can repeat it again tomorrow.

There are 8 other hikers at this campsite tonight, also a nice change. Getting to bed early is a treat too. 



3 Thoughts

  1. Sunkist, I’m so curious to hear how your next several days have gone!
    My wife and I leave Portland on the 30th for a volunteer job with the USFS near Santiam Pass (Big Lake area) for 8 days. The fires have made Oregon very difficult and I wish you could have seen the Three Sisters with clear skies. It is where I first backpacked in 1970.
    Stay safe and I wish you on to Canada!


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