Day 131. Somehow Flyin’.

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Sunday, August 27

Windigo Pass, Mile 1875.7 to Shelter Cove Junction, Mile 1904.1 + 2.2 Miles on Shelter Cove Trail to Shelter Cove Resort

28.4 PCT Miles + 2.2 Miles to Shelter Cove Resort = 30.6 total miles

It must have been something I ate. Or maybe it was about what I could eat if I got there in time.  

Bleeding Hearts.

I flew through the miles today. I hit every goal I set for myself: 10×10, 15×12, getting to the restaurant at Shelter Cove Resort before it closed at 7pm. And yes, that meant I did 30 miles today by 6:30pm. 


It was almost as if my body felt better with a faster pace these last few days. And today I refused to allow anything to distract me. So no fiddling with trying to access cell service while I hiked.

I thought a lot today about just what it is I think about when I’m out here hiking all day. I’ve realized that I spend a lot of time conjuring up memories throughout my lifetime. Sometimes music will trigger them and sometimes they just randomly pop into my head. Sometimes one memory leads me to another similar memory and sometimes snippets scroll before my eyes like scenes from a homemade video of my life. Sometimes the same memories play over multiple times and sometimes random new ones pop in and out. Special, meaningful events; insignificant, minute moments. The majority are happy moments; a few, not so much. Some put a big, huge grin on my face; some bring bittersweet tears to my eyes.
I’d have to say I’m pretty ok with my life.

I’ll be taking an easy day tomorrow, hanging around the resort to do some laundry, take a shower, recharge batteries and utilize wifi. Hopefully back to hiking late morning.

And I get to sleep in!


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