Monday, August 28
Shelter Cove Resort to Shelter Cove Junction, Mile 1904.1 via 2.2 Miles on Shelter Cove Trail to small pond at Mile 1915.5

11.4 PCT miles + 2.2 off trail miles = 13.6 total miles

My eyes open at 6am, the brain starts running and there is no going back. I pack up my stuff and walk from my campsite in the campground back to the General Store. Rising behind the motionless waters of the marina is the orangy-pink glow of the morning sun. So many beautiful sunrises I have seen on this journey and today is yet another magnificent one.

I plug my things in for charging and head over to do laundry and take a shower. The restaurant, which I originally thought was closed on Monday & Tuesday, doesn’t open until 11am today so I make my trail coffee and trail breakfast on the deck at a picnic table and I begin my blog work. Again, the wifi is slow and the process drags on.

As the morning slips away, more and more hikers roll in and soon there is a large group of us here. After hiking mostly solo all day, I enjoy the socialization at these resupply stops. I was also able to work out a pretty solid route around the first of the next 2 fires leading into Sisters, OR. My running friend, Erica, gave me the name of her friend in the Bend area and he has been extremely helpful. He actually went to the forest service headquarters, talked with a ranger and purchased maps for me! He’s also offered help with resupplies and ma&y even come to meet me at Elk Lake where I have to exit the trail.

I haven’t been feeling comfortable about doing this road walk alternate by myself through a wildfire area and so today I teamed up with T-Bone and Charlie to do this piece with them. We will meet up in Elk Lake and finalize plans then with the most recent fire info available.

I also had a chance encounter with another person-of-interest today. I listen to a podcast called “Sounds of the Trail”. One of their commentators did the AT last year and in the episode I just finished listening to yesterday, it was announced she’d be doing the PCT this year, 2017. I wondered if she was still on trail. Well, I need no longer wonder because she sat down next to me today at Shelter Cove!  Her name is Hey Girl. It is just insane how this trail works if you don’t force it and just let things play out!

Even though I wanted to leave Shelter Cove at 10am, it was worth not leaving until nearly 2pm. I got a lot done and also had a great lunch there before setting off again. This is probably the nicest “resort” on trail thus far.

Weird things you find on trail…

I only walked about 13 miles once I got going today. It was hard to find my stride and get into a groove but I knew I just had to keep moving. Charlie caught up to me about 11 miles in and the daylight started fading away around 7:30pm. I gave in and we set up camp together near a small pond since going further would have meant a water carry and a climb.


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